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Supermax, the american prison hell (full documentary)
Best Documentary
1,871,967 người xem - 1 year before

Super Maximum Security, Supermax. A code name that disguises the harshest prison system in the United States: total solitary con ...

Sneakers Biggest Collection Of The World By The Richest Kid Of Dubai
Best Documentary
1,848,371 người xem - 1 year before

The new generation of Emirati has grown up in a world of luxury where their purchasing power has no limit: luxury cars, private ...

Leopard Seals Play With A Penguin
Best Documentary
18,546 người xem - 1 year before

Poland : The Road Of Revival
Best Documentary
464,748 người xem - 2 years before

Torn for centuries between East and West, often a victim of fate, Poland has always been able to overcome adversity. Pierre Brou ...

Nepal: little buddha (full documentary)
Best Documentary
1,148,902 người xem - 11 months before

In Nepal, five hours from Katmandou, thousands of people, irrespective of wich caste they belong to, goes each day on a pilgrima ...

Discovering the island of Poros (Greece - Saronic Islands)
Best Documentary
4,212 người xem - 10 months before

Documentaire de Pierre Brouwers Production Media 9

Greece : Athens And The Islands - Travel Documentary
Best Documentary
267,139 người xem - 2 years before

To the Rhythm of Bouzoukis In addition to quite exceptional archaeological wealth, Athens is also a modern city. Proud of their ...

Venice, Island Treasure - Documentary
Best Documentary
694,690 người xem - 2 years before

Canals, gondolas and sumptuous palaces... the legendary clichés will always be there when you set out to explore Venice. But be ...

Graffiti: the forbiden game (full documentary)
Best Documentary
151,682 người xem - 1 year before

It's everywhere, of every size and every color, on the walls of buildings, along railway tracks, on subway cars and even inside ...

Discovering the island of Hydra (Greece - Saronic Islands)
Best Documentary
7,088 người xem - 9 months before

Documentaire de Pierre Brouwers Production Media 9

The foreign legion : men without a past (full documentary)
Best Documentary
1,365,555 người xem - 11 months before

Jean-Baptiste Gallot followed these elite soldiers who have come from all over the world to serve France. For Droit de Savoir” ...

COLOMBIA, The Warmth Of A Smile
Best Documentary
230,380 người xem - 2 years before

Our tour starts in the capital, Bogotá, before heading southward across the Andes as far as Popayàn. We then head back north t ...

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