South Africa - Siamese twins

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Xuất bản 21/07/2015

Doctors in Johannesburg are running extensive tests and X-rays on 12-day-old Siamese twins, joined at the pelvis, to determine which organs they share and whether they can survive if they are separated.


CU twins lifted from hospital bed,
PO to MS twins and nurse;
CU twins;
CU twins joined at abdomen;
MS twins with nurses;
VS twins on bed;
Doctors enter room, walk to twins;
VS examining twins;
SOT Joao de Fonseca, head of paediatric surgery at the hospital, Chris Hani-Baragwanath Hospital (in English) "Obviously we will need much more investigation before we can tell for sure what is joined.. and maybe, if it is very viable, to separate by surgery these babies."
CU doctors examining twins;
PAN group of people at hospital bedside to mother of babies in bed;
CU mother.


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