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Surf Poncho Towel Sandproof

Surf Poncho Towel Sandproof

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The Surf Poncho Towel Sandproof is the perfect choice for a day at the beach. Its lightweight, ultra-soft material is designed to absorb moisture quickly while keeping sand away, keeping you comfortable and dry. The sandproof fabric also resists wear and tear, offering maximum durability.





★★★★★ Made from Turkish Beach Towels: We tailor them from OEKO-TEX certified Turkish Beach Towels in our own atelier



★★★★★ Great for Travel: Takes minimum space in your travel bag / suitcase (It is very thin unlike bulky terry cloth textile)



★★★★★ Sand Shakes off of It with Ease: Texture w/o terry loops keep sand from clinging to the surface of the Turkish Towel Textile



★★★★★ Dries up to 10x Faster: In comparison to the traditional terry cloth material



★★★★★ Lively Colors: wearable towel items will make a unique gift as well. They are unisex and fit many body types.



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